In 2019, Monash Business School approached us wanting to tackle the perception amongst teens that business isn’t as exciting as other faculties. With Open Day rapidly approaching, they were planning on handing out free badges which represented different personality types. Prospective students would select the badge which corresponded to the personality type they identified with most.

We were tasked with enhancing the experience by bringing these badges to life with Augmented Reality. When the badges were scanned, they would trigger videos of former graduates talking about their experiences studying at Monash. It was important for us that the transition from artwork into AR experience was as smooth as possible so for each badge, we devised a unique method to introduce our talent, such as smashing through the face of the badge with a sledgehammer to reveal the person speaking behind (pictured left).

We filmed the talent in our studio using circular custom-built sets, frames and props, which complemented the shape of the badges. To add variety, we played around with scale by varying the size of these. Some sets were incredibly large, making the person sitting on top feel tiny. Others were just big enough to fit a hand through, giving the opposite effect.

Our secret sauce was allowing the action to pop out beyond the borders of the badge, making everything feel a lot more alive and three dimensional.

The end result was a seamlessly tracked experience and the birth of our native app GC AR.