We’re really privileged that our work often allows us to see stunning locations and meet some incredibly inspiring personalities.

In August 2018, we were lucky enough to travel to Thursday Island to film the first female mayor of the Torres Strait, McKinnon Prize-winner, Vonda Malone. It was a hectic two day shoot which saw us filming by land, sea and air.

Our final scene for the production was capturing some traditional dancers and musicians performing on the beach during sunset as a group of local kids played on the shore. The children were absolute legends and were asking lots of questions about our camera and audio gear so when we finished rolling, we let them have a go and taught them how to use it all. They were naturals!

It was a pretty special moment seeing how much fun they were having as the ukuleles soundtracked the sun dipping behind the ocean. The kids were really thankful and were yelling out ‘BYE COOL GUYS!’ as the sun finally disappeared and we parted ways. Such a perfect end to our Torres Strait experience. Hopefully we’ll get the chance to go back one day. What an amazing place and incredible people!