We don’t like to do things the regular, easy way here at Guerilla Creative and team photos are no exception.

What better way to welcome new crew, than by transporting the class of 2022 into a mysterious, loosely themed 1920s firefly-filled forest photo composite portrait.

Deep below the canopy of the warm Guerilla Creative fantasy-scape, our team of well dressed misfits find themselves in a group photo pose-off…

Before Image After Image

X marks the spot where Bridget and Hamish find themselves doing the heavy lifting and light drinking!

Jag scours the forest bed for clues, as Mick, Ludo and Bodhi are hot on the trail!

Simone swoops in on a rope ladder from the GC blimp, just in the knick of time to lend a hand to Oscar who finds himself with that sinking feeling.

Oh the metaphors abound! Our producers are there to get us into trouble and help us out of it. We dive deep to take the best shots and leave no stone unturned to tell the story in the best light. In 2022 it’s business as usual for Guerilla Creative, but always, always expect the treasure chest to be filled with a glowing, smokey, tentacle creature!