As the name hints, GUERILLA CREATIVE is a rogue colony of production peeps that swerve violently around the over-inflated hoo-ha of film and TV production. Based out of Melbourne, Australia, our imaginative team of audio/visual connoisseurs will gently incubate your projects in a creative headspace so they can grow up big and strong to reach their full potential. Using Patrick Swayze/Ghost-like precision, we will help mould your idea clay into high concept works of art while softly humming Unchained Melody. This isn’t just a job to us… We’re passionate about what we do and the secret ingredient in our eye candy cocktails is love.

Guerilla Creative wakes up in the morning for visual storytelling and working on assignments that we can dig our chompers into. We work closely and honestly with people who engage us based on our nut-bag reputation and un-wavering work ethic.  We have a deep mixed bag of tricks allowing us to take on creative development, writing, production, sound design, cinematography and every aspect of post production including fancy graphics and visual effects pixel surgery.  We have given birth to music clips, TVCs, television programs, viral films, and corporate/evaluation/promotional videos. Our work has taken us deep into the Amazon river, far into the sub-zero Nunavut territory of Northern Canada as well as countless other exotic and impressive sounding locations.  We’re children at heart and love injecting humour and silliness into creative projects but we’re also experts at turning the mood dial to ‘serious and poignant’ when called for.

Guerilla Creative is outfitted with state-of-the-art visual weaponry, 17 years of experience and a hybrid technical/creative knowledge spanning software, camera gear and on location client nurturing techniques. We shoot primarily on custom rig-mounted, CANON CINE EOS cameras and the newest addition to our kitty, the RED SCARLET-X (which gives us the ability to capture Hollywood-esque, cinematic images) but have a whole arsenal of cameras at our disposal so whether you need us to film underwater, in nightvision, immersive 360 degrees, in glorious high speed, from an aerial drone, jetski, or whatever other crazy request you might have, we’ve got you covered!

Our pipeline is a small nurturing environment so projects don’t get lost amongst vast departments and battalions of staff. We are also malleable, like a tasty, tasty cookie dough so we can adapt to suit your needs. This means that we’re able to shoot and edit on site or work from our studio and quickly upload secure streaming previews online. Whatever suits.

We are the blackest perennial beard-baring sheep of the production world, we dress down, think differently and the results are outrageous.  We love running head-first, battering ram style, into challenges and are not afraid to receive minor concussions in the pursuit of delivering unique and high end productions that we can all be proud of…